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Professional Mixing and Mastering


Full Production

Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering. The full package and ideal for  newcomer bands.

We take care of all your needs  to get the best out of your production.



Mixing is the most important step in your recording. We mix as clear and heavy as desired.

We can take your tracks you've recorded in any studio and take it to the next level.

Mastering is the final step for your production.We guarantee your master will sound awesome on every device.

Transparent, punchy and loud masters for a commercial volume level is our dedication.





Starting as a guitar player, becoming a singer/screamer and continuing as an engineer. Marcel dedicated his whole life into music and is constantly evolving.

His dedication into heavy music and the journey to get the most crushing sounds led to only one possible outcome:   Help bands to get the heaviest mixes for their songs.

He is specialised in working with local newcomer bands in all heavy genres!

International bands are offered with mixing and mastering services that can be attended via a worlwide live stream service.


You desire hard hitting mixes for your songs?



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